"A literate citizenry has the knowledge and skills to handle an ever-changing world with confidence!"

THE CURRENT DILEMMA The Jazz Journeys Educational Institute has developed a very special community outreach initiative designed to address the current dilemma. It is a unique year round series of interactive educational workshops, and seminars, targeting disadvantaged students in areas with very little or no arts funding. The program is designed to educate and enrich the lives of our youth, and the general public, about the history and importance of jazz, and the how it influences our daily lives. This is done through incorporating the principles behind various genres of music as a prism through which students can gain a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of music, education, literacy and technology in everyday life.

Students also learn that like democracy, jazz requires personal responsibility and the ability to improvise with available resources to come up with inventive solutions to new problems. The also program shows how music helps to overcome cultural differences and stresses the need for dedication to achieve excellence in music, as well as life.

Our program is based on the concept that “music is a moral law that gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and flight to the imagination … it is the essence of order.”

To ensure our success, we have designed several levels of patron and sponsorship opportunities. For further details, or to have us custom design a package to fit your needs, call Earle Brown at 267-251-5000, or e-mail him at,